Delegation evidence

This section describes the iSHARE delegation evidence data model, which is the response to a valid delegation request. The Delegation Request section describes the request data model which is used in order to receive such response. To see full delegation evidence response example see Delegation Response example section.

  • delegationEvidence Object. Root level. The root of any delegation evidence.

    • notBefore Integer. Contained in delegationEvidence. Unix timestamp in UTC indicating the start of validity period of this delegation evidence. SHOULD equal the time of issuing of the evidence unless historic evidence is requested.

    • notOnOrAfter Integer. Contained in delegationEvidence. Unix timestamp in UTC indicating the end of validity period of this delegation evidence. It is up to the issuer off the evidence to set this time. Note that a reasonable amount of time SHOULD be allowed for processing of longer delegation paths. Also note that evidence cannot be revoked, so setting very long validity periods SHOULD be avoided.

    • policyIssuer String. Contained in delegationEvidence. iSHARE identifier of the delegator, also know as the delegating entity.

    • target Object. Contained in delegationEvidence. MUST for the root level contain an accessSubject. No other elements are allowed. It makes the entire delegation evidence applicable only to this accessSubject.

      • accessSubject Object. Contained in target. iSHARE identifier of the delegate, also known as the entity that receives the delegated rights. It should be either iSHARE identifier for M2M cases or human pseudonym for H2M cases.

    • policySets Array of Objects. Contained in delegationEvidence. Container for one or more objects containing policy elements with an indication for further delegation. Note that policySet elements within one delegationEvidence MUST not restrict each other, but rather offer a mechanism to express additional rights. They MUST be evaluated in a permit-override manner, allowing a Permit if only one of the policySet elements evaluates to Permit. Data model description and examples can be found at Policy Sets section.


  "delegationEvidence": {
    "notBefore": 1504683475,
    "nonOnOrAfter": 1504683775,
    "policyIssuer": "EU.EORI.NL123456789",
    "target": {
      "accessSubject": "EU.EORI.NL987654321"
    "policySets": [ "object" ]


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