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The Identity Provider role is fulfilled by a legal entity whose tooling identifies and authenticates entities (humans or machines). An Identity Provider:

  • Provides identifiers for humans;

  • Issues credentials (i.e. a password or electronic keycard) to humans;

  • Identifies humans to Service Providers based on this information.

  • Holds information on authorisations of humans representing a Service Consumer; i.e. information indicating which humans are authorised to act on a Service Consumer's behalf.

  • Can check whether a human representing a legal entity is authorised to receive the service;

  • Can confirm this authorisation to the Service Provider.

As a result, Service Providers can outsource the identification and authentication of humans, as well as tasks related to managing the authorisations and delegation information of humans, to an Identity Provider instead of implementing their own tooling.

In order to double check if required endpoints are implemented, please use the following list as a cheat sheet:

Identity Provider

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