Client Assertion

This page defines the JWT payload that should be provided to generate an iSHARE JWT client assertion for the access token endpoint.

JWT Payload

In addition to the iSHARE JWT payload requirements, following also apply:

  • The iss and sub claims MUST contain the valid iSHARE identifier (EORI) of the client.

  • The aud claim MUST contain only the valid iSHARE identifier of the server. Including multiple audiences creates a risk of impersonation and is therefore not allowed.

In OAuth 2.0 clients are generally pre-registered. Since in iSHARE servers interact with clients that have been previously unknown this is not a workable requirement. Therefore iSHARE implements a generic client identification and authentication scheme, based on iSHARE whitelisted PKIs.

Since OAuth 2.0 doesn’t specify a PKI based authentication scheme, but OpenID Connect 1.0 does, iSHARE chooses to use the scheme specified by OpenID Connect in all use cases. This is preferred above defining a new proprietary scheme.

Example Client Assertion JWT Payload:

  "iss": "EU.EORI.NL123456789",
  "sub": "EU.EORI.NL123456789",
  "aud": "EU.EORI.NL987654321",
  "jti": "378a47c4-2822-4ca5-a49a-7e5a1cc7ea59",
  "exp": 1504683475,
  "iat": 1504683445


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