Postman collections

This section contains various Postman collections, which can be used to manually test iSHARE APIs. In these collections, you as a user are impersonating Test participant ‘ABC Trucking’.

In order to impersonate ABC Trucking, these Postman collections contain the private key of ABC Trucking. For non-dummy parties, private keys should never be shared with the Scheme Owner or other iSHARE Parties

Each collection contains all API endpoints of a specific Test participant, and as ABC Trucking you are able to consume these API endpoints.


In order for the collections to work, please download iSHARE environment and globals. Then download the following Postman collections:


To request an access token:

  • Open the /token request

  • The client_assertion is generated in the background

  • Run the request without making additional changes, the response should contain (among others) an access token value

To request a service:

  • Open a service request

  • The access token is automatically copied.

  • Run the request, the response should contain (an encoded) response

  • If the response is encoded, decode the token via and inspect the results


For /delegation service requests please view the demo in the video section, this will explain how authorization in iSHARE can work and Postman examples are shown.

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