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The Data Space Governance Body admits members to the data space. The Satellite or the Participant Registry serves as the Trust Anchor for the data space, a crucial aspect in any iSHARE use case. Each participant in the data space can verify in the Participant Registry whether other parties in the data space are trusted and compliant. These are prerequisites, however, which is why it does not play a direct role (and is not depicted) in any of the use cases.

To register all participants in the data space and ensure that the coverage by the Framework is digitally verifiable, the Participant Registry is built on a Distributed Ledger across all data spaces, using the iSHARE Trust Framework as the core component. This means all data spaces operating based on the Trust Framework are interoperable by design. With the Satellite/Participant Registry, data space governance body/administrators can register participants. For participant administration, a web interface (Participant Registry) or APIs for automated registration are available. Automated participant discovery in data spaces is facilitated through defined endpoints that offer key insights for data spaces to operate:

Parties End-point Retrieve data from a selection of parties available in the data space or in a subset of the data space. It will look like this: /parties/EU.EORI.identifierOfTheParticipant.

Every node implementation is equipped with API’s and with that can serve within the data space as the single source for party information with the performance level of the data space.

In order to double check if required endpoints are implemented, please use the following list as a cheat sheet:

iSHARE Satellite or Participant Registry

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